Affiliate Success Tips

By | Feb 10, 2009

1. Innovate before your competitor does. Do something different. Video, or audio or something!

2. Network with others in the affiliate community. You can learned so much from the top leaders in the industry, as well as exchanged ideas and negotiated higher commission payouts. You can also make many new friends that understand “what u do”.

3. work around the content you love. Then, to earn affiliate program revenue, test out and be patient.

4. Use the product or service yourself before recommending it to others. It makes you more credible and allows you to experience what it is like to be a consumer, instead of just a marketer.

5. Meet people. Affiliates are mostly solitary entrepreneurs whose ideas of social interaction are comments on a blog or forum. Go to conferences, join meet up groups and network. Always have business cards with you and a 30 second “elevator pitch” ready. Build business relationships because they will lead to great opportunities in the future. Nothing beats a handshake.

6. Always treat your affiliate business like a business and make the proper investments (as opposed to the “free source of money” attitude). I am also a huge proponent of “the niche you love”.

7. Affiliates have many directions they can be pulled in; to keep it simple I suggest focusing on niche products that you are passionate about.

8. Few affiliates are using video, so you should jump in and fill the void. Your computer probably has the software you need (Windows Movie Maker on PC and iMovie on Mac), so make videos with a digital camera, edit, upload and dominate your niche.

9. Do not get trapped in the echo chamber of affiliate blogs, newsletters, conferences, etc. You should read everything you can about affiliate marketing, but be sure to keep your own perspective and voice. In other words, don’t let yourself be constrained or convinced by the wisdom of the crowd because success comes from pushing the envelope.

10. One of the best things any affiliate can do is to always try new things, test new ideas, spend the time to learn not just how to implement new technologies, but how to integrate new ideas that will enhance their core business. However, it’s vitally important to know how long to spend on testing and trying new things and to know when NOT to test new things. The successful affiliate is adept at recognizing when something new is a true opportunity, and when it is simply a distraction that sucks time away from the vital core of their business.

11. Stay up-to-date- on the latest trends in Affiliate Marketing. In such an ever-changing industry it can be easy to get behind the 8 ball.

12. Resist the lure of the easy buck. The money usually doesn’t last, resulting in a cycle that can be tiring and unrewarding way to earn a living. If you find an earner, focus on it, reinvest, and see if you can turn it into something that will last for years.

13. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, use multiple streams of revenue sources on your sites, from newsletters to varying merchants.

14. Affiliates as a whole tend to have a reputation for solitude and secrecy, but nothing will help your success more than making real connections with people that speak the industry language, both at live events and in online message boards.

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